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Novel spatial expression of soybean WUSCHEL in the incipient floral primordia

Chui E Wong, Soo Y Khor, Prem L Bhalla, Mohan B Singh

PLANTA | SPRINGER | Published : 2011


The homeobox transcription factor WUSCHEL (WUS) is known to play a critical role in the maintenance of the stem cell population in shoot and floral meristems of Arabidopsis thaliana. The corresponding gene is yet to be characterized in soybean, a vital legume crop. In this study, we isolated the soybean ortholog of WUS (GmWUS) and explored its possible conserved function by in situ hybridization analysis and ectopic expression in Arabidopsis. GmWUS is expressed in the centre of soybean vegetative shoot apical meristem and floral meristem. Intriguingly, GmWUS is also found to be expressed in the incipient floral primordia before the formation of distinct floral meristem. This novel spatial ex..

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