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Radiochromic film for individual patient QA in extracranial stereotactic lung radiotherapy

T Kron, N Clements, Y Aarons, L Dunn, B Chesson, J Miller, K Roozen, D Ball



Introduction: Modern radiotherapy is characterised by increasingly complex radiation delivery such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) or extracranial stereotactic radiotherapy (ESR). It has become common practice to verify the delivery for each patient in IMRT, however, no such methods have been defined to date for ESR. It was the aim of the present work to develop a method to verify the dose distribution for ESR in a moving phantom using radiochromic film. Methods: Radiochromic film (ISP EBT2) was used in a cylindrical film cassette fitted into a QUASAR phantom (Modus Medical). The cassette can be moved forwards and backwards with motion patterns that can mimic the breathing of..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The clinical trial for which the present method was developed (TROG 09.02: CHISEL) is financially supported by Cancer Australia. We also gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Toccolan Club for the purchase of the phantom.