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High spatial and temporal resolution wide-field imaging of neuron activity using quantum NV-diamond

LT Hall, GCG Beart, EA Thomas, DA Simpson, LP McGuinness, JH Cole, JH Manton, RE Scholten, F Jelezko, Joerg Wrachtrup, S Petrou, LCL Hollenberg



A quantitative understanding of the dynamics of biological neural networks is fundamental to gaining insight into information processing in the brain. While techniques exist to measure spatial or temporal properties of these networks, it remains a significant challenge to resolve the neural dynamics with subcellular spatial resolution. In this work we consider a fundamentally new form of wide-field imaging for neuronal networks based on the nanoscale magnetic field sensing properties of optically active spins in a diamond substrate. We analyse the sensitivity of the system to the magnetic field generated by an axon transmembrane potential and confirm these predictions experimentally using el..

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Awarded by Australian research Council

Awarded by NMHRC

Funding Acknowledgements

LCLH was supported by the Australian research Council through a Professorial Fellowship (DP0770715) and SP was funded by a NMHRC Fellowship (1005050) and Program Grant (628952). This work was also supported by the University of Melbourne through the Centre for Neural Engineering and the Centre for Neuroscience, and by the Victorian Government through the Operational Infrastructure Scheme. The authors would like to acknowledge K. Ganesan for assistance preparing the microwave striplines and A. Stacey for helpful discussions.