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The new Nucleus 5 model cochlear implant: a new surgical technique and early clinical results.

Peter Monksfield, Jacob Husseman, Robert SC Cowan, Stephen J O'Leary, Robert JS Briggs

Cochlear Implants Int | Published : 2012


OBJECTIVE: The Nucleus 5 or CI500 series cochlear implants are the new generation of Nucleus(®) cochlear implants. The receiver-stimulator package has a low profile without a pedestal projecting from the medial surface. This study aimed to demonstrate that the new design can facilitate a minimally invasive surgical approach, without the need for tie-down sutures and without a seat drilled for the receiver-stimulator package. METHODS: The surgical technique involved placing the device directly on the surface of the bone in a secure sub-periosteal pocket with a channel drilled for the lead. A well or ramped seat was not drilled and tie-down sutures were not used. Measurements were taken from t..

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