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Inhibition of RNA Polymerase I as a Therapeutic Strategy to Promote Cancer-Specific Activation of p53

Megan J Bywater, Gretchen Poortinga, Elaine Sanij, Nadine Hein, Abigail Peck, Carleen Cullinane, Meaghan Wall, Leonie Cluse, Denis Drygin, Kenna Anderes, Nanni Huser, Chris Proffitt, Joshua Bliesath, Mustapha Haddach, Michael K Schwaebe, David M Ryckman, William G Rice, Clemens Schmitt, Scott W Lowe, Ricky W Johnstone Show all

Cancer Cell | CELL PRESS | Published : 2012


Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia project grants; NHMRC Research Fellowship to R.D.H.; NHMRC Postgraduate Research Scholarship, GSK Postgraduate Research Scholarship and Leukaemia Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship to M.J.B.; Cancer Council of Victoria Sir Edward Weary Dunlop Clinical Research Fellowship and NHMRC Research Fellowship to G.A.M.; The John T. Reid Charitable Trusts and Mrs. Margaret Ross AM; and in part by Cylene Pharmaceuticals. We thank Joseph Trapani and James Whisstock for critical evaluation of the manuscript, Brian McStay for anti-sera to RRN3 and Sinisa Volarevic for anti-sera to rpL5. We also thank Rachael Walker, Kym Stanley, Analia Lesmana, Kerry Ardley, Susan Jackson, Jeannette Valentan, Kathryn Kinross, Petranel Ferrao, Ralph Rossi, and Sarah Ellis for technical assistance. M.J.B., G.P., G.A.M., and R.D.H. were responsible for the overall concept and design of experiments. D.D., K.A., M.H., M.K.S., D.M.R., W.G.R., S.W.L., and R.W.J provided essential materials. M.J.B., G.P., ES., N.Hein, A.P., C.C., L.C., N.H., C.P., J.B., D.D., G.A.M., and R.D.H. were responsible for the collection and assembly of data. M.J.B., G.P., E.S., N.Hein, C.C., M.W., D.D., K.A., R.W.J., R.B.P., G.A.M., and R.D.H. were involved in data analysis and interpretation. M.J.B., G.P., ES., C.C., M.W., D.D., K.A., W.G.R., S.W.L., R.W.J., R.B.P., G.A.M., and R.D.H. were involved in the writing of the manuscript and all authors approved the final form. D.D., K.A., N.H., CF., J.B., M.H., M.K.S., D.M.R., and W.G.R. are affiliated with Cylene Pharmaceuticals in being current or past employees of the company. However, this did not influence the conduct of the research described in this manuscript and had no bearing on the decision to submit this paper for publication.