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Root and shoot factors contribute to the effect of drought on photosynthesis and growth of the C4 grass Panicum coloratum at elevated CO2 partial pressures

S Seneweera, O Ghannoum, JP Conroy

Functional Plant Biology - an international journal of plant function | Published : 2001


We examined the hypothesis that root and shoot factors influence growth responses to elevated CO2 of the C4 grass Panicum coloratum var. makarikiense cv. Bambatsi (NAD-ME malic enzyme subtype) when well watered and droughted. Plants were grown at CO2 partial pressures (pCO2) of 36 (ambient) and 100 Pa (elevated) in potted soil in growth chambers for 3 weeks with adequate water (day 0) before being subjected to 15 d of drought. At day 15, enhancement of shoot growth by elevated pCO2 was 70% under drought, and 44% when well watered. During the drought period, leaf CO2 assimilation rates (A) and stomatal conductance (g) (measured at 36 Pa CO2) declined after day 2, but the decline was faster at..

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