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CONTRA: copy number analysis for targeted resequencing

Jason Li, Richard Lupat, Kaushalya C Amarasinghe, Ella R Thompson, Maria A Doyle, Georgina L Ryland, Richard W Tothill, Saman K Halgamuge, Ian G Campbell, Kylie L Gorringe



MOTIVATION: In light of the increasing adoption of targeted resequencing (TR) as a cost-effective strategy to identify disease-causing variants, a robust method for copy number variation (CNV) analysis is needed to maximize the value of this promising technology. RESULTS: We present a method for CNV detection for TR data, including whole-exome capture data. Our method calls copy number gains and losses for each target region based on normalized depth of coverage. Our key strategies include the use of base-level log-ratios to remove GC-content bias, correction for an imbalanced library size effect on log-ratios, and the estimation of log-ratio variations via binning and interpolation. Our met..

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