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The Late Pleistocene evolution of palaeo megalake Bungunnia, southeastern Australia: A sedimentary record of fluctuating lake dynamics, climate change and the formation of the modern Murray River

Sandra McLaren, Malcolm W Wallace, Tess Reynolds



The ephemeral lacustrine carbonates of the Bungunnia Limestone, deposited in palaeo megalake Bungunnia, preserve a detailed record of Pleistocene palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimatic change in southeastern Australia. Five distinct lake shorelines (Lake Levels 0-4) are visible on digital elevation models, ranging in elevation from around 70. m to 30. m above sea level. The Bungunnia Limestone is preserved on the three lowest terraces ranging over 20. m in elevation (Lake Levels 2-4). On the two higher of these terraces Bungunnia Limestone contains ooids and stromatolites and is calcite- and aragonite-dominated whereas on the lower terrace level Bungunnia Limestone is dolomite-, gypsum- and ..

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