Live Performance of Creative Work

Pale Blue Dot

R JORDAN, undefined Goldsmith, TPG Gerstle

Published : 2012


An original work produced by my (Tanya Gerstle) performance/research company OpticNerve for The Helium Season at the Malthouse.Collaborative sound design for "Pale Blue Dot" Robert Jordan work is 50% of the total design. Tanya Gerstle was the Director. In 1977, the Voyager spacecraft sent a time capsule into outer space. Carefully composed golden phonograph records containing images, sounds, music and diagrams were launched into the atmosphere; a calling card to extra-terrestrial life; a shiny message in a bottle; from our planet; the pale blue dot. Exploring the lenses through which we experience and view humanity: Who do we frame? What do we exclude? And what was on the B-side of the reco..

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