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On the aperiodic hamming correlation of frequency-hopping sequences from norm functions

Z Zhou, X Tang, Y Yang, U Parampalli

Lecture Notes in Computer Science | Published : 2012


Frequency-hopping sequences (FHSs) are needed in frequency hopping code-division multiple-access (FH-CDMA) systems. Aperiodic Hamming correlation of FHSs matters in real applications, while it received little attraction in the literature compared with periodic Hamming correlation. In this paper, we study the aperiodic Hamming correlation of a family of FHSs via norm functions by Ding, Moisio and Yuan (IEEE Trans Inform Theory 53: 2606-2610, 2007). Bounds on their aperiodic Hamming correlation are established based on the calculation and estimation of some exponential sums over finite fields. © 2012 Springer-Verlag.

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