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The Anatomy of an Andesite Volcano: a Time-Stratigraphic Study of Andesite Petrogenesis and Crustal Evolution at Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand

RC Price, JA Gamble, IEM Smith, R Maas, T Waight, RB Stewart, J Woodhead



Ruapehu, New Zealand's largest active andesite volcano, is located at the southern tip of the Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ), the main locus of subduction-related volcanism in the North Island. Geophysical data indicate that crustal thickness increases from <25 km within the TVZ to 40 km beneath Ruapehu. The volcano is built on a basement of Mesozoic meta-greywacke, and geophysical evidence together with xenoliths contained in lavas indicates that this is underlain by oceanic, meta-igneous lower crust. The present-day Ruapehu edifice has been constructed by a series of eruptive events that produced a succession of lava flow-dominated stratigraphic units. In order from oldest to youngest, these ar..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology

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Funding Acknowledgements

R.C.P., J.A.G. and I. E. M. S. acknowledge support from Australian Research Council (grant number A39531624), the New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology (grant number MAUX0401), the Marsden Fund of New Zealand (grant number UOW106) and Science Foundation Ireland.