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A method for quantifying pulmonary Legionella pneumophila infection in mouse lungs by flow cytometry.

Desmond Koon Yong Ang, Sze Ying Ong, Andrew Stephen Brown, Elizabeth Louise Hartland, Ian Richard van Driel

BMC Res Notes | Published : 2012


BACKGROUND: Pulmonary load of Legionella pneumophila in mice is normally determined by counting serial dilutions of bacterial colony forming units (CFU) on agar plates. This process is often tedious and time consuming. We describe a novel, rapid and versatile flow cytometric method that detects bacteria phagocytosed by neutrophils. FINDINGS: Mice were infected with L. pneumophila via intratracheal or intranasal administration. At various times after bacteria inoculation, mouse lungs were harvested and analysed concurrently for bacterial load by colony counting and flow cytometry analysis. The number of L. pneumophila-containing neutrophils correlated strongly with CFU obtained by bacteriolog..

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