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High resolution soil moisture mapping

JP Walker, G Dumedah, A Monerris, Y Gao, C Rudiger, X Wu, R Panciera, O Merlin, R Pipunic, D Ryu, M Zreda



Soil moisture information is of critical importance to real-world applications such as agriculture, water resource management, flood, fire and landslide prediction, mobility, soil hydraulic parameter estimation etc. Many of these applications require soil moisture information at high resolution. While this may be estimated from land surface models, the predictions are often poor due to inadequate model physics, poor parameter estimates and erroneous atmospheric forcing data. An alternative is remote sensing but most techniques only give a soil moisture estimate for the top few centimetres. Moreover, the sensors that give the most reliable soil moisture estimates (passive microwave) have rela..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by National Science Foundation (USA)

Funding Acknowledgements

The research results in this paper have been made possible through infrastructure (LE0453434 and LE0560930) and research (DP0557543, DP0556941, DP0879212, DP09845861) funding from the Australian Research Council, and an infrastructure grant (ATM-0838491) from the National Science Foundation (USA). Initial setup of the study catchments was funded by research grants (DP0209724 and DP0557543) from the Australian Research Council, NASA and the CRC for Catchment Hydrology. The authors also wish to thank all the members of the ground and air crew of NAFE'05, SMAPEx-3 that contribute to the collection of data presented here.