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Actively engaging older adults in the development and evaluation of tablet technology

J Waycott, S Pedell, F Vetere, E Ozanne, L Kulik, A Gruner, J Downs

Integration, Interaction, Innovation, Immersion, Inclusion | Published : 2012


In this paper we describe a multi-faceted approach for engaging older adults in the design and evaluation of a tablet application. Our approach consisted of five key elements: 1) involving care providers in the research, 2) conducting social events, 3) supporting use of the technology through scaffolding, 4) providing multiple channels of communication between participants and researchers, and 5) progressively revealing the technology functions. We explored this approach with seven participants (aged 71-92) who used a prototype iPad application to engage in peer-to-peer communication. We found that each of the five elements contributed to successfully engaging older people in the development..

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