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Physiological implications of genomic state in parthenogenetic lizards of reciprocal hybrid origin

JA Roberts, HD Vo, MK Fujita, C Moritz, M Kearney

Journal of Evolutionary Biology | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2012


Parthenogenesis often evolves in association with hybridization, but the associated ecological consequences are poorly understood. The Australian gecko Heteronotia binoei is unusual because triploid parthenogenesis evolved through reciprocal crosses between two sexual lineages, resulting in four possible cytonuclear genotypes. In this species complex, we compared the performance of these parthenogenetic genotypes with their sexual progenitors for a suite of physiological traits (metabolic rate, thermal tolerance, locomotor performance, and in vitro activity and gene sequence divergence of a cytonuclear metabolic pathway, cytochrome C oxidase). Mass-specific metabolic rate scaled differently ..

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