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How should we discuss genetic testing with women newly diagnosed with breast cancer? Design and implementation of a randomized controlled trial of two models of delivering education about treatment-focused genetic testing to younger women newly diagnosed with breast cancer

Kaaren J Watts, Bettina Meiser, Gillian Mitchell, Judy Kirk, Christobel Saunders, Michelle Peate, Jessica Duffy, Patrick J Kelly, Margaret Gleeson, Kristine Barlow-Stewart, Belinda Rahman, Michael Friedlander, Kathy Tucker

BMC CANCER | BMC | Published : 2012


BACKGROUND: Germline BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation testing offered shortly after a breast cancer diagnosis to inform women's treatment choices - treatment-focused genetic testing 'TFGT' - has entered clinical practice in specialist centers and is likely to be soon commonplace in acute breast cancer management, especially for younger women. Yet the optimal way to deliver information about TFGT to younger women newly diagnosed with breast cancer is not known, particularly for those who were not suspected of having a hereditary breast cancer syndrome prior to their cancer diagnosis. Also, little is known about the behavioral and psychosocial impact or cost effectiveness of educating patients about T..

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Awarded by National Breast Cancer Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

This trial is funded by a Priority-driven collaborative research grant that is jointly supported by Cancer Australia, Cancer Council and the National Breast Cancer Foundation (ID 630405). Bettina Meiser is supported by a Career Development Fellowship Award from the National Health and Medical Research Council Australia and a Cancer Institute New South Wales Career Development Fellowship. We thank the patients who are generously participating in this study. We also thank the health professionals and other staff who are involved at each site and who are integral to the success of this trial. We gratefully acknowledge the support and endorsement of the Psycho-oncology Cooperative Research Group (PoCoG) for this project.