Journal article

Effect of a carbon price on farm profitability on rain-fed dairy farms in south-west Victoria: a first look

SO Ozkan, R Farquharson, JH Hill, Bill Malcolm

AFBM Journal | Australian Farm Business Management Network | Published : 2012


In this study, the possible impact of different prices of carbon on farm profitability in two dairy farm businesses with different feeding systems was analysed. The feeding systems evaluated were a ryegrass pasture-based system (RM) and a complementary forage-based system (CF). The carbon charge was imposed on the systems as they currently operate and without the farmers making strategic changes in response to the tax. The study is a first-look approach in order to gauge the order of magnitude of a carbon charge on dairy systems if they were to continue to operate essentially under the same system following the impost of a cost of carbon emissions, and to gauge the likely size of incentives ..

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