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A proline repeat polymorphism of the Frost gene of Drosophila melanogaster showing clinal variation but not associated with cold resistance

AA Hoffmann, MJ Blacket, SW McKechnie, L Rako, M Schiffer, RV Rane, RT Good, C Robin, SF Lee



Genetic polymorphisms underlying adaptive shifts in thermal responses are poorly known even though studies are providing a detailed understanding of these responses at the cellular and physiological levels. The Frost gene of Drosophila melanogaster is a prime candidate for thermal adaptation; it is up-regulated under cold stress and knockdown of this gene influences cold resistance. Here we describe an amino-acid INDEL polymorphism in proline repeat number in the structural component of this gene. The two main repeats, accounting for more than 90% of alleles in eastern Australia, show a strong clinal pattern; the 6P allele was at a high frequency in tropical locations, and the 10P allele was..

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