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Rotavirus acceleration of murine type 1 diabetes is associated with a T helper 1-dependent specific serum antibody response and virus effects in regional lymph nodes

JA Pane, NL Webster, KL Graham, G Holloway, C Zufferey, BS Coulson

DIABETOLOGIA | SPRINGER | Published : 2013


AIMS/HYPOTHESIS: Rotavirus infection in at-risk children correlates with production of serum autoantibodies indicative of type 1 diabetes progression. Oral infection with rhesus monkey rotavirus (RRV) accelerates diabetes onset in mice. This relates to their rotavirus-specific serum antibody titre and local pro-inflammatory cytokine induction without pancreatic infection. Our aim was to further investigate the roles of serum antibodies and viral extra-intestinal spread in diabetes acceleration by rotavirus. METHODS: Rotavirus-specific serum antibody production was detected by ELISA in diabetes-prone mice given either inactivated or low-dose RRV, in relation to their diabetes development. Ser..

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