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Pathology features in Bethesda guidelines predict colorectal cancer microsatellite instability: A population-based study

Mark A Jenkins, Shinichi Hayashi, Anne-Marie O'Shea, Lawrence J Burgart, Tom C Smyrk, David Shimizu, Paul M Waring, Andrew R Ruszkiewicz, Aaron F Pollett, Mark Redston, Melissa A Barker, John A Baron, Graham R Casey, James G Dowty, Graham G Giles, Paul Limburg, Polly Newcomb, Joanne P Young, Michael D Walsh, Stephen N Thibodeau Show all



BACKGROUND & AIMS: The revised Bethesda guidelines for Lynch syndrome recommend microsatellite instability (MSI) testing all colorectal cancers in patients diagnosed before age 50 years and colorectal cancers diagnosed in patients between ages 50 and 59 years with particular pathology features. Our aim was to identify pathology and other features that independently predict high MSI (MSI-H). METHODS: Archival tissue from 1098 population-based colorectal cancers diagnosed before age 60 years was tested for MSI. Pathology features, site, and age at diagnosis were obtained. Multiple logistic regression was performed to determine the predictive value of each feature, as measured by an odds ratio ..

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