Journal article

Subcortical Volumetric Reductions in Adult Niemann-Pick Disease Type C: A Cross-Sectional Study

M Walterfang, B Patenaude, LA Abel, H Kluenemann, EA Bowman, MC Fahey, P Desmond, W Kelso, D Velakoulis

American Journal of Neuroradiology | AMER SOC NEURORADIOLOGY | Published : 2013


Funding Acknowledgements

Mark Walterfang-UNRELATED: Consultancy: Actelion Pharmaceuticals, Comments: International advisory board, Payment for Lectures (including service on Speakers Bureaus): Actelion, Comments: payment of honorarium for speaking at International NPC forum, Royalties: Australian Council for Educational Research, Comments: payment of royalties for the NUCOG, a pen-and-paper cognitive screening tool. Brian Patenaude-OTHER RELATIONSHIPS: I work with Oxford University (the FSL group) in development of the subcortical segmentation tool. No compensation for these activities is received. Larry A. Abel-UNRELATED: Consultancy: Actelion,<SUP>star</SUP> Comments: consulting fee for Miglustat clinical trials (2004-2005), Payment for Lectures (including service on Speakers Bureaus): Actelion,<SUP>star</SUP> Comments: honoraria for presentations at 2 Actelion-sponsored meetings on NPC in Athens, Greece, March 2012 and Prague, Czech Republic, June 2012. Hans Klunemann-UNRELATED: Board Membership: Actelion, Consultancy: Actelion, Grants/Grants Pending: Actelion;<SUP>star</SUP> Payment for Lectures (including service on Speakers Bureaus): Actelion, Comments: lectures about dementia for Pfizer, Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Actelion, Lundbeck, Merz Pharmaceuticals, Payment for Development of Educational Presentations: Actelion, Travel/Accommodations/Meeting Expenses Unrelated to Activities Listed: Actelion. Michael Fahey-UNRELATED: Board Membership, Consultancy: Actelion, Comments: honoraria for advisory board membership and consultancy. Patricia Desmond-UNRELATED: Grants/Grants Pending: National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia,<SUP>star</SUP> Comments: awarded to an affiliated institution of Melbourne University for a different research project. Dennis Velakoulis-UNRELATED: Royalties: Royalties received for the cognitive screening tool NUCOG. <SUP>star</SUP>Money paid to the institution.