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Accelerated vaccination schedule provides protective levels of antibody and complete herd immunity to equine influenza

CM El-Hage, CJ Savage, JM Minke, NP Ficorilli, J Watson, JR Gilkerson



REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY: During the 2007 Australian equine influenza (EI) outbreak, an accelerated primary course 14 day intervaccination schedule was proposed, but not widely implemented. Expert opinion was divided as to the efficacy of such a schedule given the lack of published data. This study determined the level and duration of humoral immunity following administration of a recombinant canarypox-vectored vaccine (ALVAC-EIV) with a primary intervaccination interval of 14 days and booster at 105 days. OBJECTIVES: To examine whether protective levels of immunity of adequate duration were achieved following a primary course reduced from a minimum interval of 28 to 14 days. Antibody re..

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