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Stem Cell Media Culture of Melanoma Results in the Induction of a Nonrepresentative Neural Expression Profile

Matthew Anaka, Claudia Freyer, Craig Gedye, Otavia Caballero, Ian D Davis, Andreas Behren, Jonathan Cebon



The ability of cell lines to accurately represent cancer is a major concern in preclinical research. Culture of glioma cells as neurospheres in stem cell media (SCM) has been shown to better represent the genotype and phenotype of primary glioblastoma in comparison to serum cell lines. Despite the use of neurosphere-like models of many malignancies, there has been no robust analysis of whether other cancers benefit from a more representative phenotype and genotype when cultured in SCM. We analyzed the growth properties, transcriptional profile, and genotype of melanoma cells grown de novo in SCM, as while melanocytes share a common precursor with neural cells, melanoma frequently demonstrate..

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