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Focal atrial tachycardia from the ostium of the coronary sinus - Electrocardiographic and electrophysiological characterization and radlofrequency ablation

PM Kistler, SP Fynn, H Haqqani, IH Stevenson, JK Vohra, JB Morton, PB Sparks, JM Kalman

Journal of the American College of Cardiology | ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC | Published : 2005


OBJECTIVES: The goal of this study was to characterize the electrocardiographic and electrophysiologic features and frequency of focal atrial tachycardia (AT) originating from the coronary sinus ostium (CS). BACKGROUND: The ostium of the coronary sinus has been described as a site of origin of AT, but detailed characterization of these tachycardias is limited. METHODS: Thirteen patients (6.7%) of 193 undergoing radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for focal AT are reported. Endocardial activation maps (EAM) were recorded from catheters at the CS (10 pole), crista terminalis (20 pole), and His positions. The P waves were classified negative, positive, isoelectric, or biphasic. RESULTS: The mean age ..

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