Journal article

Effective Adjunctive Therapy by an Innate Defense Regulatory Peptide in a Preclinical Model of Severe Malaria

Ariel H Achtman, Sandra Pilat, Charity W Law, David J Lynn, Laure Janot, Matt L Mayer, Shuhua Ma, Jason Kindrachuk, B Brett Finlay, Fiona SL Brinkman, Gordon K Smyth, Robert EW Hancock, Louis Schofield

Science Translational Medicine | AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE | Published : 2012


Funding Acknowledgements

Supported by the Grand Challenges in Global Health Research program through the Foundation for the NIH and Canadian Institutes for Health Research (S.P., D.J.L., M.L.M., J.K., F.S.L.B., R.E.W.H., and L.S.), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grants (L.S. and G.K.S.) and research fellowships (G.K.S. and L.S.), and Genome Canada through the Pathogenomics of Innate Immunity (PI2) project (D.J.L., J.K., F.S.L.B., and R.E.W.H.). L.S. and B.B.F. are International Research Scholars of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. R.E.W.H. holds a Canada Research Chair. D.J.L. was supported by a Postdoctoral Trainee Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) and F.S.L.B. is an MSFHR Senior Scholar. J.K. held a postdoctoral fellowship from the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. C.W.L. holds a Melbourne Research Scholarship from the University of Melbourne. This work was made possible through Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support and Australian Government NHMRC Independent Research Institute Infrastructure Support Scheme.