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alpha(v)beta(6) integrin-A marker for the malignant potential of epithelial ovarian cancer

N Ahmed, C Riley, GE Rice, MA Quinn, MS Baker

Journal of Histochemistry & Cytochemistry | HISTOCHEMICAL SOC INC | Published : 2002


The mechanism(s) responsible for the progression of non-metastatic or borderline ovarian cancer to invasive Grade I/III ovarian cancer is still unknown. An epithelium-restricted integrin, alpha(v)beta(6), is present in malignant epithelia but not in normal epithelia. We studied the relative expression and distribution of alpha(v)beta(6) integrin in early and late-stage invasive (Grade I and Grade III) and non-invasive (benign and borderline) ovarian tumors of serous, mucinous, endometrioid, and clear-cell carcinoma subtypes, to assess its potential as a marker for epithelial ovarian cancer progression. Sixty-six specimens, including eight normal, 13 benign, 14 borderline, 13 Grade I, and 18 ..

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