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Distinct requirements for the Sprouty domain for functional activity of Spred proteins.

James AJ King, Andrew FL Straffon, Giovanna M D'Abaco, Carole LC Poon, Stacey TT I, Craig M Smith, Michael Buchert, Niall M Corcoran, Nathan E Hall, Bernard A Callus, Boris Sarcevic, Daniel Martin, Peter Lock, Christopher M Hovens

Biochem J | Published : 2005


Sprouty and Spred {Sprouty-related EVH1 [Ena/VASP (vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein) homology 1] domain} proteins have been identified as antagonists of growth factor signalling pathways. We show here that Spred-1 and Spred-2 appear to have distinct mechanisms whereby they induce their effects, as the Sprouty domain of Spred-1 is not required to block MAPK (mitogen-activated protein kinase) activation, while that of Spred-2 is required. Similarly, deletion of the C-terminal Sprouty domain of Spred-1 does not affect cell-cycle progression of G(0)-synchronized cells through to S-phase following growth factor stimulation, while the Sprouty domain is required for Spred-2 function. We also d..

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