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The effect of ultrasound on casein micelle integrity

J Chandrapala, GJO Martin, B Zisu, SE Kentish, M Ashokkumar

Journal of Dairy Science | ELSEVIER SCIENCE INC | Published : 2012


Samples of fresh skim milk, reconstituted micellar casein, and casein powder were sonicated at 20 kHz to investigate the effect of ultrasonication. For fresh skim milk, the average size of the remaining fat globules was reduced by approximately 10 nm after 60 min of sonication; however, the size of the casein micelles was determined to be unchanged. A small increase in soluble whey protein and a corresponding decrease in viscosity also occurred within the first few minutes of sonication, which could be attributed to the breakup of casein-whey protein aggregates. No measurable changes in free casein content could be detected in ultracentrifuged skim milk samples sonicated for up to 60 min. A ..

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