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Adult Cardiac-Resident MSC-like Stem Cells with a Proepicardial Origin

James JH Chong, Vashe Chandrakanthan, Munira Xaymardan, Naisana S Asli, Joan Li, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Corey Heffernan, Mary K Menon, Christopher J Scarlett, Amirsalar Rashidianfar, Christine Biben, Hans Zoellner, Emily K Colvin, John E Pimanda, Andrew V Biankin, Bin Zhou, William T Pu, Owen WJ Prall, Richard P Harvey

CELL STEM CELL | CELL PRESS | Published : 2011

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Stem Cell Centre

Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Counsel Australia

Awarded by Australia-India Strategic Research Fund

Awarded by Atlantic Philanthropies

Awarded by Cancer Institute New South Wales

Awarded by NHF


Funding Acknowledgements

We thank S. Ku, K. Evans, and M. Pinese for technical assistance, and Y. Saga, K. Chien, P. Soriano, P. Ruiz-Lozano, and C. Lobe for mice. Research was supported by the Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support scheme and grants from the Australian Stem Cell Centre (PO82; S4M1), National Health and Medical Research Counsel Australia (IRIISS; 354400; 573705; 573707; and 535903), Australia-India Strategic Research Fund (BF020084), Johnson and Johnson (Focused Giving Program), Atlantic Philanthropies (Flagship Scheme; 19131), Cancer Institute New South Wales (09/CDF/2-40 and 10/CRF/1-01), Australian Cancer Research Foundation, Royal Australian College of Surgeons, The Avner Nahmani Pancreatic Cancer Foundation, and the R. T. Hall Trust. J.C. held a National Heart Foundation of Australia (NHF) scholarship, and O.W.J.P., an NHF Career Development Award (CR 08S3958).