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Determinant differences between the rabbit and mouse immunoglobulin kappa enhancers impair the activity of the rabbit enhancer in mouse myeloma cells.

MA Akimenko, M Ekker, N Doyen, C Biben, F Rougeon

Nucleic Acids Research | Published : 1989


Enhancer activity of the rabbit immunoglobulin kappa light chain gene intron conserved region (KICR) was examined in mouse myeloma cells using transient expression experiments. Compared to the homologous region of the mouse kappa light chain gene, the rabbit KICR shows nearly no stimulatory effect on expression of the indicator gene, cat. Experiments with mouse-rabbit chimeric KICRs indicated that differences in the region around the NF-kappa B binding site are responsible for the impaired activity of the rabbit KICR whereas mouse sequences covering the kappa E2 and kappa E3 motifs can be replaced by the equivalent rabbit fragment without affecting enhancer function. Creation of a perfect mo..

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