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A closer look at visually guided saccades in autism and Asperger's disorder.

Beth P Johnson, Nicole J Rinehart, Nicole Papadopoulos, Bruce Tonge, Lynette Millist, Owen White, Joanne Fielding

Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience | Published : 2012


Motor impairments have been found to be a significant clinical feature associated with autism and Asperger's disorder (AD) in addition to core symptoms of communication and social cognition deficits. Motor deficits in high-functioning autism (HFA) and AD may differentiate these disorders, particularly with respect to the role of the cerebellum in motor functioning. Current neuroimaging and behavioral evidence suggests greater disruption of the cerebellum in HFA than AD. Investigations of ocular motor functioning have previously been used in clinical populations to assess the integrity of the cerebellar networks, through examination of saccade accuracy and the integrity of saccade dynamics. P..

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