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Single session exercise stimulates formation of pre beta 1-HDL in leg muscle.

Dmitri Sviridov, Bronwyn Kingwell, Anh Hoang, Anthony Dart, Paul Nestel

J Lipid Res | Published : 2003


Physical activity can raise the level of circulating HDL cholesterol. Pre beta 1-HDL is thought to be either the initial acceptor of cellular cholesterol or virtually the first particle in the pathway of the formation of HDL from apolipoprotein A-I and cellular lipids. We have therefore sought to identify pre beta 1-HDL in arterial and venous circulations of exercising legs in healthy individuals and in subjects with stable Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Blood samples were taken simultaneously from the femoral artery and vein before and after 25 min cycling exercise. The major findings were, first, that exercise significantly increased plasma concentration of pre beta 1-HDL (20% increase, P < 0.0..

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