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Postprandial sympatho-adrenal activity: its relation to metabolic and cardiovascular events and to changes in meal frequency.

M Vaz, A Turner, B Kingwell, J Chin, E Koff, H Cox, G Jennings, M Esler

Clin Sci (Lond) | Published : 1995


1. Sympatho-adrenal activity was measured after the consumption of a 3.15 MJ mixed meal. Whole-body noradrenaline spillover rates, forearm plasma noradrenaline spillover and adrenaline secretion rates were derived using isotope dilution methodology. Heart rate and blood pressure spectral analysis measurements were also made. The relation of sympathoadrenal activity to thermogenic and cardiovascular events was studied. Sympathetic nervous and thermogenic responses were measured for 120 min after the single 3.15 MJ meal and compared with those after three 1.05 MJ meals, given 30 min apart. 2. Whole-body and forearm plasma noradrenaline spillover, and the 0.1 Hz component of systolic pressure p..

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