Journal article

Utility of RhoC and ZAG protein expression as biomarkers for prediction of PSA failure following radical prostatectomy for high grade prostate cancer

John Mills, Alice Oliver, Justin C Sherwin, Mark Frydenberg, Justin S Peters, Anthony Costello, Laurence Harewood, Christopher Love, Nicholas Redgrave, Kenneth L van Golen, Michael Bailey, John Pedersen



AIMS: To assess the prognostic utility of semi-quantiative expression of RhoC protein in whole prostates from patients who had radical prostatectomies for high grade prostate cancer (PCa). METHODS: Subjects who had surgery >55 months previously with primary Gleason pattern 4 PCa were identified from practice records, archival tissues were retrieved for review and RhoC immunohistochemistry, and ZAG expression was also assessed as a control. RESULTS: Eighty-nine subjects were included in the study; 57 had a rising prostate specific antigen (PSA) post-operatively ('cases') and 32 did not ('controls'). By univariate analysis, expression of both RhoC and ZAG proteins was greater in controls than ..

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