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Potential effects of climate change on Australian estuaries and fish utilising estuaries: a review

Bronwyn M Gillanders, Travis S Elsdon, Ian A Halliday, Gregory P Jenkins, Julie B Robins, Fiona J Valesini



Estuaries are especially vulnerable to the impacts of climate change because changes in climatic and hydrologic variables that influence freshwater and marine systems will also affect estuaries. We review potential impacts of climate change on Australian estuaries and their fish. Geographic differences are likely because southern Australian climates are predicted to become warmer and drier, whereas northern regions may see increased precipitation. Environmental factors, including salinity gradients, suspended sediment, dissolved oxygen and nutrient concentrations, will be influenced by changing freshwater input and other climate variables. Potential impacts will vary depending on the geomorp..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This paper arose from the Australian Society for Fish Biology 2010 symposium 'Climate change and the aquatic environment: the future for fish and fisheries' at the meeting sponsored by the Museum of Victoria, the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation. We thank the referees, guest editors and Editor in Chief, Andrew Boulton, for their comments. Gillanders and Elsdon acknowledge funding from an ARC linkage grant (LP0669378) for some of the unpublished data reported here. Gillanders acknowledges support from an ARC Future Fellowship (FT100100767) during revision of the manuscript.