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An electrophysiological signal that precisely tracks the emergence of error awareness

Peter R Murphy, Ian H Robertson, Darren Allen, Robert Hester, Redmond G O'Connell



Recent electrophysiological research has sought to elucidate the neural mechanisms necessary for the conscious awareness of action errors. Much of this work has focused on the error positivity (Pe), a neural signal that is specifically elicited by errors that have been consciously perceived. While awareness appears to be an essential prerequisite for eliciting the Pe, the precise functional role of this component has not been identified. Twenty-nine participants performed a novel variant of the Go/No-go Error Awareness Task (EAT) in which awareness of commission errors was indicated via a separate speeded manual response. Independent component analysis (ICA) was used to isolate the Pe from o..

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Awarded by ARC

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported by an Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology (IRCSET) "Embark Initiative" grant awarded to Peter R. Murphy, an ARC Fellowship to Robert Hester (FT110100088), and an IRCSET "Empower" Fellowship to Redmond G. O'Connell. The authors also acknowledge funding support via the HEA PRTLI Cycle 3 program of the EU Structural Funds and the Irish Government's National Development Plan 2002-2006. We thank Hugh Nolan and Simon Kelly for their assistance with aspects of data analysis and Misha Byrne for assistance with figure design.