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First ceratosaurian dinosaur from Australia

Erich MG Fitzgerald, Matthew T Carrano, Timothy Holland, Barbara E Wagstaff, David Pickering, Thomas H Rich, Patricia Vickers-Rich



The basal theropod dinosaur clade Ceratosauria, and its subclade Abelisauroidea, is characteristic of late Mesozoic terrestrial vertebrate faunas in western Gondwana (South America, Africa, Madagascar, and India) and Europe. Yet unambiguous records of ceratosaurs have hitherto been absent from Australia, where the theropod assemblage appears to include several typically Laurasian clades. Here, we report the first evidence of ceratosaurs (and potentially abelisauroids) from eastern Gondwana--a diagnostic astragalocalcaneum from the Aptian (121-125 Ma) of Victoria, Australia. Ceratosauria thus occurred in both western and eastern Gondwana during the Early Cretaceous. This fossil adds to the po..

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Funding Acknowledgements

BEW is supported by Australian Research Council Linkage Grant LP0989203. EMGF thanks Museum Victoria, the Harold Mitchell Foundation, and the Smithsonian Institution for their support. PVR and THR are supported by Australian Research Council Linkage Grant LP100100330, Museum Victoria and Monash University. L. Kool is thanked for performing the initial preparation of NMV P221202. We thank M. Cleeland for his discovery of NMV P221202.