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Recruitment limitation in dry sclerophyll forests: Regeneration requirements and potential density-dependent effects in Eucalyptus tricarpa (L.A.S. Johnson) L.A.S. Johnson & K.D. Hill (Myrtaceae)

CK Orscheg, NJ Enright, F Coates, I Thomas

AUSTRAL ECOLOGY | WILEY | Published : 2011


Recruitment limitation in canopy trees is receiving increasing attention as restoration of tree cover for connectivity, biodiversity offsets, carbon-trading and improved catchment health becomes more prominent. Recruitment limitation is often addressed by examining seed traits and germination requirements. Distance between trees is also often explored as a factor, particularly in agricultural landscapes where forest structure has been altered, with large distances between fragments generating Allee effects linked to pollen limitation. Fewer studies have examined how short distances between trees (high stem densities), which can characterize regenerated forests, might affect recruitment. This..

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Funding Acknowledgements

With the assistance of Adrian Morrees (Department of Sustainability and Environment, DSE), funding for this project was provided by an Australian Government SPIRT grant with DSE acting as industry partner. Jim Allen, Jon Cuddy, Denis Gilmore and Pat McCarthy of DSE assisted variously in site selection, provision of seed and granting of permissions for seed collection and plot establishment. Simone and Inge Orscheg provided field and technical assistance.