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Age-Related Loss of Brain Volume and T2 Relaxation Time in Youth With Type 1 Diabetes

Gaby S Pell, Ashleigh Lin, R Mark Wellard, George A Werther, Fergus J Cameron, Sue J Finch, Jennifer Papoutsis, Elisabeth A Northam



OBJECTIVE: 2 Childhood-onset type 1 diabetes is associated with neurocognitive deficits, but there is limited evidence to date regarding associated neuroanatomical brain changes and their relationship to illness variables such as age at disease onset. This report examines age-related changes in volume and T2 relaxation time (a fundamental parameter of magnetic resonance imaging that reflects tissue health) across the whole brain. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS: Type 1 diabetes, N = 79 (mean age 20.32 ± 4.24 years), and healthy control participants, N = 50 (mean age 20.53 ± 3.60 years). There were no substantial group differences on socioeconomic status, sex ratio, or intelligence quotient. RESU..

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Awarded by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International Grant 1-2003-135.G.A.W. reports receiving consulting fees from IPSEN, equity in Antisense Therapeutics Limited (Australia) and Neuren (Australia), and is currently receiving research support from Novo Nordisk and Sandoz. F.J.C. reports receiving lecture fees and/or consultancy fees from Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, and Medtronic as well as research grants from Eli Lilly and Medtronic. E.A.N. has been paid lecture fees by Novo Nordisk and has received research grant support from Eli Lilly. No other potential conflicts of interest relevant to this article were reported.