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Greater incidence of both fatal and nonfatal strokes in disadvantaged areas - The northeast Melbourne stroke incidence study

AG Thrift, HM Dewey, JW Sturm, SL Paul, AK Gilligan, VK Srikanth, RAL Macdonell, JJ McNeil, MR Macleod, GA Donnan



BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Greater stroke mortality has been reported among lower socioeconomic groups. We aimed to determine whether fatal, nonfatal, and overall stroke incidence varied by socioeconomic status. METHODS: All suspected strokes occurring in 22 postcodes (population of 306,631) of Melbourne, Australia, during a 24-month period between 1997 and 1999 were found and assessed. Multiple overlapping sources were used to ascertain cases with standard clinical definitions for stroke. Socioeconomic disadvantage was assigned in 4 bands from least to greatest using an area-based measure developed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. RESULTS: Overall stroke incidence (number per 100,000 po..

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