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Discovery of an archetypal protein transport system in bacterial outer membranes

Joel Selkrig, Khedidja Mosbahi, Chaille T Webb, Matthew J Belousoff, Andrew J Perry, Timothy J Wells, Faye Morris, Denisse L Leyton, Makrina Totsika, Phan Minh-Duy, Nermin Celik, Michelle Kelly, Clare Oates, Elizabeth L Hartland, Roy M Robins-Browne, Sri Harsha Ramarathinam, Anthony W Purcell, Mark A Schembri, Richard A Strugnell, Ian R Henderson Show all

Nature Structural and Molecular Biology | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2012


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Funding Acknowledgements

We thank D. Daley from the Department of Chemistry and Biophysics at Stockholm University for reagents, J. Rossjohn for critical discussions and A. Traven and T. Beilharz for critical comments on the manuscript. This work was made possible by the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) of Australia through an NHMRC Project grant (508911, to T. L. and A. W. P.), an NHMRC Program grant (606788, to T. L., E. L. H. and R. A. S.), an ARC Super Science grant (to T. L. and R. A. S.) and a BBSRC New Investigator grant to D. W. T. L. is an Australian Research Council Federation Fellow, E. L. H. and M. A. S. are ARC Future Fellows, A. W. P. is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, C. T. W., M. J. B. and A. J. P. are NHMRC Biomedical Fellows, D. L. L. is an ARC Super Science Fellow and J. S. is supported by an NHMRC Postgraduate Research Scholarship.