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An investigation of runoff from raised beds and other tillage methods in the high rainfall zone of south-western Victoria, Australia

JE Holland, TH Johnston, RE White, BA Orchard



For many years, the poor physical and hydraulic properties of the soils in south-western Victoria have restricted crop production due to waterlogging. In this region of predominantly winter rainfall, raised beds have become popular with farmers to overcome these difficulties; however, little has been reported on the hydrology of raised beds compared with other tillage systems for cropping in the rain-fed environment of south-western Victoria. This study measured rainfall characteristics, runoff volumes, and soil properties such as the soil water content, bulk density, and hydraulic conductivity for three tillage treatments (raised beds, conventional cultivation, and deep cultivation) over 6 ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Financial support for this work was provided by the Grains Research and Development Corporation under the Sustainable Farming Systems program. The authors thank Rowan Peel, the farmer of Mt Pollock, for access to the experimental site and assistance with equipment installation in the field. Mr Mark Weedon is thanked for writing a macro to analyse the rainfall data.