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Surveillance for threatened and invasive species when uncertainty is severe

Colin J Thompson, Rob M Cannon, Mark A Burgman



Aim: This study develops methods for efficient surveillance and monitoring systems to address a wide range of problems in biosecurity, ecology and conservation biology. It focuses especially on surveillance systems relevant for management that aims to reduce trade in threatened species and curb the spread of potential pests and diseases. Location: Melbourne, Australia. Methods: This paper develops different approaches to make decisions about the allocation of resources that aim to avoid unacceptable outcomes. The analysis solves for the optimal allocation of surveillance effort in each of two facilities as a function of the arrival rates of invasive species in two facilities (that is, when t..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by the Australian Research Council and the Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis. The methods described are not necessarily endorsed by the respective organizations of the authors. We are grateful to M. Sniedovich, two referees and the editor for their comments on earlier drafts of this manuscript, and to J. Renn-Jones for drawing our attention to relevant aspects of robust optimization.