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Measurement of the B-s(0)-(B)over-bar(s)(0) oscillation frequency Delta m(s) in B-s(0) -> D-s(-)(3)pi decays

R Aaij, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, C Adrover, A Affolder, Z Ajaltouni, J Albrecht, F Alessio, M Alexander, G Alkhazov, P Alvarez Cartelle, AA Alves, S Amato, Y Amhis, J Anderson, RB Appleby, O Aquines Gutierrez, F Archilli, L Arrabito, A Artamonov Show all



The B s0-B -s0 oscillation frequency δm s is measured with 36 pb -1 of data collected in pp collisions at s=7TeV by the LHCb experiment at the Large Hadron Collider. A total of 1381 B s0→D s-π+ and B s0→D s-π +π -π + signal decays are reconstructed, with average decay time resolutions of 44 fs and 36 fs, respectively. An oscillation signal with a statistical significance of 4.6σ is observed. The measured oscillation frequency is δm s=17.63±0.11(stat)±0.02(syst)ps -1. © 2012 CERN.


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We express our gratitude to our colleagues in the CERN accelerator departments for the excellent performance of the LHC. We thank the technical and administrative staff at CERN and at the LHCb institutes, and acknowledge support from the National Agencies: CAPES, CNPq, FAPERJ and FINEP (Brazil); CERN; NSFC (China); CNRS/IN2P3 (France); BMBF, DFG, HGF and MPG (Germany); SFI (Ireland); INFN (Italy); FOM and NWO (The Netherlands); SCSR (Poland); ANCS (Romania); MinES of Russia and Rosatom (Russia); MICINN, XuntaGal and GENCAT (Spain); SNSF and SER (Switzerland); NAS Ukraine (Ukraine); STFC (United Kingdom); NSF (USA). We also acknowledge the support received from the ERC under FP7 and the Region Auvergne.