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Dietary intake of B vitamins and methionine and prostate cancer incidence and mortality

Julie K Bassett, Gianluca Severi, Allison M Hodge, Laura Baglietto, John L Hopper, Dallas R English, Graham G Giles



PURPOSE: We investigated prospectively the relationship between dietary intakes of methionine, B vitamins associated with one-carbon metabolism, and risk of incident and fatal prostate cancer. METHODS: The Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study recruited 41,514 people aged 40-69 years between 1990 and 1994. During follow-up of 14,620 men for 15 years on average, we ascertained 1,230 incident prostate cancers and 114 prostate cancer deaths. Dietary intakes were estimated using a 121-item food frequency questionnaire. Hazard ratios (HR) and 95 % confidence intervals were estimated using Cox regression. RESULTS: For overall prostate cancer incidence, HRs for riboflavin intake were significantly i..

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Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This study was made possible by the contribution of many people, including the original investigators and the diligent team who recruited the participants and who continue working on follow-up. We would also like to express our gratitude to the many thousands of Melbourne residents who continue to participate in the study. Cohort recruitment was funded by VicHealth and The Cancer Council Victoria. This work was supported by infrastructure from the Cancer Council Victoria and grants from the National Health and Medical Research Council (209057, 251533, 520316).