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The COMT Val158 allele is associated with impaired delayed-match-to- sample performance in ADHD

Natasha Matthews, Alasdair Vance, Tarrant DR Cummins, Joseph Wagner, Amanda Connolly, Jacqueline Yamada, Paul J Lockhart, Ajay Panwar, Robyn H Wallace, Mark A Bellgrove

Behavioral and Brain Functions | BMC | Published : 2012


BACKGROUND: This study explored the association between three measures of working memory ability and genetic variation in a range of catecholamine genes in a sample of children with ADHD. METHODS: One hundred and eighteen children with ADHD performed three working memory measures taken from the CANTAB battery (Spatial Span, Delayed-match-to-sample, and Spatial Working Memory). Associations between performance on working memory measures and allelic variation in catecholamine genes (including those for the noradrenaline transporter [NET1], the dopamine D4 and D2 receptor genes [DRD4; DRD2], the gene encoding dopamine beta hydroxylase [DBH] and catechol-O-methyl transferase [COMT]) were investi..

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