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Mapping of IgE-binding regions on recombinant Cyn d 1, a major allergen from Bermuda Grass Pollen (BGP)

R Tiwari, PL Bhalla, MB Singh

Clinical and Molecular Allergy | Biomed Central | Published : 2009


Background: Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon; subfamily Chloridoideae) is an important source of seasonal aeroallergens in warm tropical and sub-tropical areas worldwide. Improved approaches to diagnosis and therapy of allergic diseases require a thorough understanding of the structure and epitopes on the allergen molecule that are crucial for the antigen-antibody interaction. This study describes the localization of the human IgE-binding regions of the major group 1 pollen allergen Cyn d 1 from Bermuda grass. Methods: A cDNA library was constructed from Bermuda grass pollen (BGP) using a Lambda gt11 expression vector. The gene encoding the Cyn d 1 allergen was isolated by screening the libra..

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