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Origin of the Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu Neoproterozoic low-delta O-18 igneous province, east-central China

Bin Fu, Noriko T Kita, Simon A Wilde, Xiaochun Liu, John Cliff, Alan Greig



Zircons from 71 diverse rocks from the Qinling-Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu orogenic belt in east-central China and, for comparison, eight from adjoining areas in the South China and North China blocks, have been analyzed for in situ 18O/16O ratio and/or U-Pb age to further constrain the spatial distribution and genesis of Neoproterozoic low-δ18O magmas, that is, δ18O(zircon) ≤4 ‰ VSMOW. In many metaigneous rock samples from Tongbai-Dabie-Sulu, including high-pressure and ultrahigh-pressure eclogites and associated granitic orthogneisses, average δ18O values for Neoproterozoic "igneous" zircon cores (i. e., 800-600 Ma) vary from -0. 9 to 6. 9 ‰, and from -9. 9 to 6. 8 ‰ for Triassic metamorphic rims (..

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Funding Acknowledgements

D.G. Chen, Z.H. Hou, S. B. Hu, B. P. Kohn, Y.T. Tian, S. Wallis, and Y.-F. Zheng provided many of the zircon separates or grain mounts. This work was supported initially by the U.S. National Science Foundation (EAR-0509639) and U.S. Department of Energy (93ER14389) and later by the University of Melbourne (ECR-600838). The WiscSIMS Laboratory is partly supported by NSF (EAR-0319230, EAR-0516725, EAR-0744079). BF gratefully acknowledges technical assistance of the AMMRF Flagship Ion Probe Facility (CMCA) at the University of Western Australia, funded by the University, State and Commonwealth Governments. Earlier versions of this manuscript have benefited greatly from thorough reviews by J.W. Valley, Y.-F. Zheng, and several anonymous referees.