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Revision of Cossinae and small Zeuzerinae from Australia (Lepidoptera: Cossidae)

A Kallies, DJ Hilton

Zootaxa | Published : 2012


In this paper we review the genera of Cossinae of Australia and describe seven new species, Culama anthracica sp. nov., C. suffusca sp. nov., C. alpina sp. nov., C. glauca sp. nov., Zyganisus propedia sp. nov., Z. cadigalorum sp. nov., and Z. acalanthis sp. nov. C. mesogeia Turner, 1932 syn. nov. and C. rhytiphorus (Lower, 1893) syn. nov. are both synonymised with C. australis Walker, 1856. Macrocyttara Turner 1918 gen. rev., with two species, M. expressa (Lucas, 1902) comb. rev. and M. pamphaea Turner, 1945 comb. rev., is resurrected from synonymy with Culama Walker, 1856. Cossodes White, 1841, here tentatively considered to belong to Cossinae, is characterized and the genitalia of the only..

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