Journal article

Activation energy and blistering rate in hydrogen-implanted semiconductors

DJ Pyke, RG Elliman, JC McCallum

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings | Published : 2012


Hydrogen blister rates in Si (100), Si (111) and Ge (100) substrates are compared as a function of annealing temperature and time, for a range of implant energies and fluences. For each material, the rate of blister formation was found to exhibit Arrhenius behavior and to be characterised by a single activation energy over the temperature range examined. The extracted activation energies were 2.28±0.03 eV, 2.17±0.06 eV and 1.4±0.03 eV for (100) Si; (111) Si and (100) Ge, respectively. These results are compared with reported measurements and discussed in relation to proposed models of hydrogen blistering. © 2012 Materials Research Society.